Loudspeakers from Stockholm, Sweden.

Unlike anything else.

The SC 05

A cutting edge loudspeaker with a clean Nordic mid-century look,  inspired by Aalto furniture and classic guitar amplifiers. 

It looks soft, and it sounds supersoft - but with the punch of live music

Key typologies have been combined into a completely unique type of loudspeaker.


Full spectrum dipole radiation and controlled dispersion pattern

Multi baffle:

Wide bass baffle with soft loading and a separate narrow and contoured baffle for midrange and tweeter, which is optimised for baffle step and self cancellation/reinforcement

High quality, low parts count filter:

The cabinet layout and driver characteristics combine to allow very few filter components to reach an even frequency response - whilst adding negligible insertion loss and compression, compared to complex filters

Close grouping of drivers:

All drivers' acoustical center are grouped within an 18 cm radius - creating a focused, all band, wave launch origin

Physical time alignment:

The reversed orientation of the woofer allows for time aligning woofer and mids despite their close proximity, resulting in a smooth transition between them

Room adaptable:

Mirrored cabinets made out of massive Nordic birch and birch plywood are adaptable to room layout and seating distance by choosing MTM on the inside or the outside, relative to listening position.

The SC 05 is developed for optimal performance with tube amplification.

A push pull triode amplifier of 20 watts works exceedingly well and will generate SPL:s of over 105 dB at one meter.

The grilles, covered with loosely woven medium density textile fibre, cover both front and back in an identical fashion. Frequency response and edge diffraction are optimal with the grilles on. 


18 inch woofer

two 7 inch wide range

ribbon tweeter

Size & weight:

62 x 62 x 22 cm

26 cm stands

35 kg

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Soft Collective is a newly started company with a focus on developing products that have unique qualities, Nordic style and are made with sustainability top of mind.

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